Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dental special in October!

This month, we are offering a DENTAL SPECIAL!

We're giving 10% off each dental--that's EVERYTHING related to the dental procedure (anesthesia, monitoring, etc.), not just one aspect of it. Call to make an appointment!

Dental procedures are normally done on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. We ask that you drop off your pet between 7:30-8am (fasting for 12 hours prior). Pick up will be later that day before closing hours, provided all goes well.

We aren't able to give dental quotes or estimate prices over the phone, however you can make an appointment for a 15 minute FREE dental exam. We'll give you as close an estimate as possible. It's not always easy to predict extractions ahead of time, but we'll do our best to be as accurate as possible.

Call today! 630-289-2288

Before photo of a small dog with dental disease:

After photo of the same dog following his dental cleaning: